Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

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Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

If you are suffering from an acute or chronic musculo-skeletal problem, physiotherapy constitutes a fundamental part of your treatment process to ensure a complete recovery.

Our philosophy here at Corebasics is clear and deep-rooted; you want a high quality service that will make you feel better in the shortest span of time, remain healthy and fit so as to enjoy life to the fullest! We work with you and go the extra mile to help you meet those goals. We believe that you should feel a measurable improvement from one visit to the next.

We begin the treatment journey by listening to you and your problem. We then perform a thorough physical assessment to test for pain-sensitive areas, joints` range of motion, and muscle strength. Our experts will analyze your body bio-mechanics and evaluate the presence of certain movement patterns that may be causing strain on the sour areas. And because you are the core of our attention, we will be discussing the problem with you, thoroughly explaining all treatment options, treatment techniques, and expected length of recovery period during your initial visit.

Access to our state-of-art Gym is also warranted, where specific rehabilitation programs are conducted to aid long term recovery and return to full fitness (e.g. work, sport or leisure).

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